2010-07-08 19:13:00
>> Shanghai Oriental Sports Center


   Located by the east side of Huangpu River, next to Expo Park, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center consists of an indoor stadium, a natatorium, an outdoor diving pool, a press service center and the supplementary facilities like parking area and public bus stations. The total area is 34.75 hectares and the floor space is 163,800 square meters. The construction will be completed by the end of 2010. In July 2011, the 14th FINA World Championships will be held in this sports complex.

  FINA World Championships is a very big and high-level sporting event with a large number of participants. Shanghai won the bid for the hosting right of the 14th FINA World Championships in 2007. To be held in July 2011, the Championships have 5 competition disciplines including swimming, synchronized swimming, diving, water polo and open water swimming. As the venue of the Championships, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center will be a very special and innovative venue in the history of FINA World Championships. The theme of its architectural design is water. The elements of wave and bridge appear frequently in the Center. The three major buildings enjoy unique features respectively. The architectural appearance of the gymnasium looks like a wave. The natatorium is composed by lined arches. Located on the manmade island, the outdoor diving pool has a roof in the shape of a half moon. The spectators can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Center and the Huangpu River when sitting on the open air seats.

  As one of the major construction projects of Shanghai, Shanghai Oriental Sports Center will be not only an ideal venue for the FINA World Championships 2011 and other international A Level sporting events, but also a green and excellent physical fitness center open to the public.