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Swimming>> Entry-exitInspection and Quarantine Brochure of FINA 2011



  What is Entry-exitInspection and Quarantine?

  Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine means the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau executes inspection, quarantine, identification,supervision and administration over people, goods, transportation vehicles and equipments of Exit and Entry in accordance with laws, administrative rules and regulations. The purpose of entry-exit inspection and quarantine is to maintainthe public interests, the legitimate rights and interests of all quarters in importand export trade, and prevent the entry and exit of various germs, insect pests,weed seeds and other harmful organisms which may harm to the health of people,animals and plants at the same time so as to protect the life, health and safety of people, animals and plants and the international ecological environment。

  II.      What is the Relationship between Entry-exitInspection and Quarantine and Customs?

  Entry-exitInspection and Quarantine and Customs are two different organizations.Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine is under the jurisdiction of the GeneralAdministration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine while Customsis under the General Administration of Customs. Our country is now implementingthe customs mechanism of inspection and quarantine declaration first and then customsclearance. The items listed in Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau ImplementingEntry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Catalogue (called Law Inspection Catalogue,issued by AQSIQ), are subject to inspection and quarantine by Entry-exit Inspectionand Quarantine Bureau and identified to comply with the relevant standards andregulations before import and export. Customs clearance would be given afterinspection by Customs on the basis of Customs Clearance Form of Entry Goods or ExportCargo Inspection Certificate issued by Entry Inspection and Quarantine Authorities。

  III.   Which departments accept the inspection and quarantinematters for Shanghai FINA World Championship?

  Pudong Entry-exit Inspection andQuarantine Bureau, Shanghai Airport Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureauand Pujiang Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau are designated to be incharge of theinspection and quarantine matters in Shanghai FINA World Championship. The specific jobresponsibilities and contacts are as follows:


  Pudong Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

  Responsibilities: Responsible forliaison and work coordination with FINA World Championship Organization Committee and the inspection,quarantine, supervision and management of the entry and exit goods during FINAWorld Championship (except Express Mail)。

  OfficeAddress: No. 1208, MinSheng Road, Pudong New Area

  ContactName: Han Jianyong



  Email: hanjy@shciq.gov.cn


  Shanghai Airport Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

  Responsibilities: Responsible for theinspection and quarantine of peoples of entry and exit related to FINA WorldChampionship, the traps and the international express mail。

  OfficeAddress: No.888 Qihang Road

  ContactName: Zhang Shu




  Pujiang Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau

  Duties: responsible for the inspectionand quarantine of train between Hong Kong and Shanghai, peoples of entry andexit related to FINA World Championship in Shanghai International PassengerTransport Center and the traps。

  OfficeAddress: No. 13, the First Road, East Zhongshan

  ContactName: Guo Qin

  Tel: 86-21-63619719


  Email: guoqin@shciq.gov.cn

  IV.    Which articles can not be carried in the personalbaggage or traps when entering?

  People of entry andexit with certificate of FINAWorld Championship Organization Committee can pass the quarantine through the dedicatedchannel set by the inspection and quarantine authority for FINA World Championship

  and enjoy the convenience of quarantine clearance; according to the relevantregulations, the following items are prohibited to carry or mail in entry:


  Fruit, pepper,eggplant, tomato;


  Soil, animal and plant pathogens, pests and other harmfulorganisms;


  Live animals (dogs, cats excluded), animal carcasses,tissues and animal genetic material;


  animal products, including all kinds of raw meat, ham, saltedmeat, bacon, sausage, cured meat, organs, eggs, aquatic products, milk, cheese,butter, cream, whey powder, animal hide and skin, manes, coffin bones, oils andfats, blood and blood products;


  Microorganisms, human tissues, biological products, bloodand blood products and other special items。

  Note: If carrying these items, people shall submit the goods to theinspection and quarantine officials to deal with or put them into theinspection and quarantine handling box initiatively; otherwise, they may befined up to 50,000 yuan by inspection and quarantine bureau, or shall be investigatedthe criminal responsibility according to law in serious cases。


  If animalsare allowed to carry in entry? Any specific requirement?

  Only dog and cat areallowed to carry, each per person. Animal Health Certificate and Rabies ImmunizationCertificate (within the period of validity) issued by the official veterinaryinstitution of the exporting country or region shall be presented whenentering. And the animals passed the on-site clinical examination are allowedto enter in。


  What shouldbe paid more attentions when going through the procedures of goods of entryinspection and quarantine during FINA World Championship?


  When applying forinspection, the certificate issued by FINA World Championship Organization Committee shall bepresented, or no preferential policy and facilitation measures can not enjoyed。


  For the entry animals,plants animal and plant products and other quarantine objects, when applying forinspection, the official quarantine certificates or relevant documents issuedby the exporting country or region shall be enclosed. If needing approval,quarantine approval procedure should be done in advance。


  For entry goods withwood packaging material, wood packaging material shall be treated bydisinfection in the exporting country and put the Mark of IPPC in accordancewith the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 。


  The import of old electronicmachines and batteries in the general trade shall consult Pudong Entry-ExitInspection and Quarantine Bureau whether they are allowed to enter or not inadvance and go through the filing procedures; temporary entry of the old electronicmachines and batteries shall get the Letter Of Guarantee issued by FINA WorldChampionship Organization Committee. The inspection and quarantine bureau willonly register the information, free of record and inspection。


  The import of goods includedin Product Catalog of Mandatory Product Certification issued by the AQSIQ and CNCAshall present China Compulsory Product Certification when declaring customs. Ifthe certificate can not be provided, the cargo inspection to be included"", can not provide the certificate, Exemption for Mandatory Product Certificationcan be applied from Pudong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau dependingon the circumstances or the special inspection process can be applied。


  Pudong Entry-ExitInspection and Quarantine Bureau implements supervision and verification systemover the temporary entry of goods. For the temporary entry of goods in Chinaafter the competition, the relevant inspection and quarantine procedures shallbe made up and may be sold if it is in line with China's import requirementsand passes the inspection and quarantine of the inspection and quarantine institution;otherwise the goods shall be returned or destroyed。

  VII. Which goods need the inspection and quarantineapproval?

  1. Thefollowing items need to obtain Entry of Animals and Plants Quarantine ImportPermit issued by AQSIQ and can enter only after passing the inspection andquarantine。


  Live animals: animal(referring to domestic and wild live animals such as domestic animal, birds,beasts, snakes, turtles, fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, silkworms and bees),embryos, semen, zygotes, eggs and other animal genetic material;


  Edible animalproducts: meat and meat products (including organs), eggs, milk, farmed salmon;


  non-edible animalproducts: hides, hair, bone, hoof angle and its products, gelatin, silk cocoon,animal feed and feed additives, feed whey, fish meal, meat meal, bone meal, meatand bone meal, grease , blood meal, blood, organic fertilizer containing animalingredients。

  But thefollowing items are excluded: wet(dry) blue 

  skin, tanned fur, clean down, clean hair, carbonized wool, wool tops,shellfish, fish (not including farmed salmon), bee products, egg products(excluding fresh eggs), dairy products, cooked meat products (such as sausage,ham, canned meat, edible high-temperature refining animal fats)。


  plants and plantproducts: fruits and vegetables (fresh fruits, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers),tobacco (tobacco and tobacco sheet), grains (wheat, corn, rice, barley, rye,oats, sorghum, etc. and their processed products), legumes (beans, green beans,peas, adzuki bean,broad beans, chickpeas, etc。), tubers (potato, cassava, sweet potatoes andtheir processed products), feeds (wheat bran, soybean cakes, soybean meal etc。),and others (plant cultivation medium, rapeseed)

  The followingitems are excluded: grain processed products (rice, flour, rice flour, starch,etc。), potato processed products (potato powder), plant-derived feed additives,lactic acid bacteria and yeast。

  2.The following items can get the permission of entry only after obtainingCertificate of Approval for Entry / Exit of Special Articles issued by ShanghaiEntry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and passing the health andquarantine。


  Medical Microbiology:viruses, bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, rickettsia and so on。


  Human tissue: humanembryos, organs, tissues, cells, body secretions。


  Biological products:bacterial vaccines, viral vaccines, antitoxins, diagnostic reagents。


  Blood and bloodproducts: whole blood, plasma, serum, blood cells。

  Note: The biological products and blood products for personal use neednot certificate of approval of health and quarantine, and are allowed to pass bypresenting the prescriptions issued by doctors, but the amount shall be no morethan a course of treatment。


  How to gothrough the imported food inspection and quarantine procedures?

  1. Food for personaluse

  Small quantity of foodfor personal use is allowed to carry by the persons. Its health and safety isthe responsibility of people who carries the product. The carried food shallnot contain the prohibited articles. If needing to go through the procedures ofinspection and quarantine, the carrier shall entrust FINA World Championship OrganizationCommittee to help handle the approval procedures in advance. The inspection andquarantine shall be implemented when entering as required。

  2. The freighted foodfor delegations and participating teams

  The inspection andquarantine procedures should be entrusted to some inspection units with quarantineinspection qualification. When applying for inspection, self-use material list,self-use certificate, statement of taking responsibility for the health andsafety of self-use materials, certificate of origin, quarantine certificate andletter of guarantee on self-use materials issued by FINA World ChampionshipOrganization Committee. Self-use materials may be exempted from placing the labelin Chinese。

  After the entry,self-use food shall be subject to the supervision of Pudong Entry-exit Inspectionand Quarantine Bureau. The remaining food after the game shall be returned ordestroyed under the supervision of Pudong Entry-exit Inspection and QuarantineBureau. If the food is kept in China for selling, the relevant procedures shallbe made up and the food shall be sold in line with China's import requirementsand after passing the inspection by the inspection and quarantine authorities。

  3. The Import Food Specificfor FINA World Championship


  Inspection andQuarantine implements record management system on the consignee and (or) agent ofthe imported food for FINA World Championship (including animal and plant derived food, thesame applies below). Consignee and (or) agents with no records shall not engagein the import business of food special for FINA World Championship。


  The imported foodfor FINA World Championship can only be stored in the special place recognizedby FINA World Championship Organization Committee and approved by the ShanghaiEntry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau; the foreign manufacturers for theimported meat for FINA World Championship (including poultry meat, meatproducts, edible by-products and internal organs) shall obtain NationalCertification and Accreditation Supervising Administration CommitteeRegistration, and has been included in Countries and Regions Permission forImporting Meat Products and the Corresponding Variety and Uses List publishedon AQSIQ Website。



  To ensure the foodsafety in FINA World Championship, inspection and quarantine authorities shallinspect each batch of the imported food for FINA World Championship and do rigorous laboratory testby sampling. The inspection process is about 10 days, so please leave enoughtime to avoid any delay。


  The imported food shall be accompanied by the relevantdocuments such as health certificate issued by the official party in the exportingcountry or region. The relevant certificates shall be provided for the importedfoods which need the pre-approval of other administrative departments of StateCouncil.